The Ultimate Bed Wedge – Easily Adjusts To Any Position for Relief from Any Condition!

There’s no persuading inspiration to expend a titanic number of dollars on a versatile clinical focus bed, or battle with the set-up of a critical mechanical edge when you can ensure the Mattress Genie at a restricted amount of the expense. With the air controlled Mattress Genie bed wedge, you can get all the advantages of a steady convenient bed, with your own resting pad. The Mattress Genie is an inflatable wedge pad that changes any bed into an adaptable bed with a basic scramble of a catch.

Much proportional to custom office beds or costly adaptable beds, the Mattress Genie licenses clients to rest raised. Since the Mattress Genie awards you to alter the assessment, the inflatable bed wedge additionally permits you to discover transcendent solace for relief from different conditions. The inflatable bed wedge pad will assist those looking with easing signs related with Digestive or Respiratory conditions, torment, pregnancy, post-clinical strategy comfort, help with getting in and up or basically for releasing up.

Central purposes of the Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge

No Expensive, Heavy Equipment to Buy – Simply use with your own snoozing pad. Takes a shot at ANY sheet material paying little regard to brand, type or bed base you have

Raise and Lower The Head Of Your Best Rated Mattress – Find an open to resting position any place between 0 – 45 degrees. Ideal for raising your resting cushion to help lighten conditions related with Acid Reflux, Sciatica, Back Support, Nursing or Relaxing

Multi-Functional Support – While perceptive, utilize the Genie wedge absolutely upstanding to discover comfort while examining in bed, sitting before the TV, gobbling or to help getting up.

Shrewd Inflation – Wedge absolutely detonates by hand-held remote in under 1 minutes!

New Motor and Bladder Construction – Reinforced for quality, business quality headway for typical use. Overhauled finished canvas feel surface outfits sturdiness and gives the wedge disagreeable to slide qualities.

Ideal Alternative For Travel – Portable bed wedge answer for improvement. Takes up an unassuming measure of room in things or pack

Purchase With Confidence – We are the maker – all Contour Living buys unite 1 FULL year guarantee, and ensured about under our 45 Day Comfort Guarantee. On the off chance that you don’t thoroughly regard your new Mattress Genie, you can return it for a FULL thing discount.

Inconvenience Free Set Up In Under 3 Minutes!

The unprecedented thing about the Mattress Genie, is there are no huge edges or bedding or contraptions required so as to lay on an assessment. The Genie is contained 3 fundamental areas;

Fortified, Commercial Strength Air Bladder – Constructed of reinforced, enduring canvas brushed surface – blue inflatable wedge. Solid improvement can hold up to 1000lbs. This gives not just an intense, solid versatile wedge plan, yet what’s progressively an open to resting surface for the individuals who wish to utilize their bladder on their bed.

Ergonomic Handheld Remote – One touch, enlightened remote control induces anybody can change the pioneer of the bed feasibly – even in the point of convergence of the night!

Cooling Powered, UL Certified Motored – High controlled air usage engine detonates the Mattress Genie air bladder wedge to full developing of 40 degrees in under a second!

To set up your Mattress Genie, basically slide the air bladder in your Mattress and box spring (or establishment). Partner the hose from the Mattress Genie wedge to the engine. Right when you plug the engine in to a divider outlet, you should essentially flip the switch on the engine, and you are set up to change your bed!

An average long for our Mattress Genie is that you need a head board and footboard, which isn’t exact. The way where the Mattress Genie was organized, near to the standard adaptability of your resting pad, carefully lifts the pioneer of your bedding.

On the other hand, the Mattress Genie might be set up on your resting cushion, regardless of the route that for impeccable solace and backing, we propose setting up underneath your bedding. We have different clients also client the Genie bed on their snoozing cushion to raise their legs as well.

The Mattress Genie Story

First actuated in 2003, the Mattress Genie was an inventive thought from Contour Products CEO, who at the time was filling in as a draftsman for a brand name flexible bed maker. With the valuation for the criticalness of raised resting, the Mattress Genie was thought of. As an inflexibly reasonable reaction for costly compact beds, the Mattress Genie has sold a tremendous number of units worldwide since its presentation.

“Purchasers requiring the raised help of a mechanical flexible bed can’t generally legitimize, or even arrangement with the cost of the common expense. The Mattress Genie offers a liberally more affordable reaction for watching out for an equivalent success and solace needs a mechanical bed is required to do.” – Scott Davis, President and Founder of Contour Products.

The Mattress Genie bed wedge has been associated with The Today Show and Good Morning America. Sold World Wide for over 15 Years!

Proposed for Comfort, Developed for Durability

At Contour, we comprehend that gigantic amounts of our things fill a basic need regarding evening time solace and backing. Your solace and individual satisfaction is similarly as basic to us for what it’s worth to you.

While there might be wavering in purchasing an inflatable bed wedge, have conviction that the Mattress Genie has experienced unmistakable execution tests to guarantee quality execution.

The Genie is investigated from the creation line and experiences a brought test down to guarantee each seal and association is water/air proof. We need to guarantee the nature of every unit sold helps the whole of our clients.

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