ZOMA Sports Mattress Review

we suggest ZOMA for every single side sleeper and for back and combo sleepers with the exception of the individuals who are on the heavier side or individuals who rest essentially on their stomach. ZOMA’s prompt feel is a gentler and comfortable inclination yet the center help layer works superbly of offering help for people up to around 230 pounds. Select side sleepers would be alright up to around 250 pounds.


ZOMA is built of three froth layers and the breathable spread. The upper layer, Triangulex™, gives pressure alleviation and zoned bolster which we examine in more detail in the help segment of the audit. The Reactiv™ layer controls movement move and works like adaptable foam, changing in accordance with everything you might do.

One of our analyzers as of late attempted the Purple sleeping cushion and said that you can feel the state of the squares in the Purple and, similarly, you can feel the Triangulex™ in the ZOMA. That wasn’t an issue and they thought they’d become acclimated to it. They were likewise lying legitimately on the sleeping pad without a bedding encasement or bedding cushion.


ZOMA is valued at a decent value point for a zoned adjustable foam bedding with an entire 10-year guarantee and 100-night rest preliminary.

Twin – $550

Twin XL – $650

Full – $750

Sovereign – $850

Ruler – $950

California King – $950

Split King – $1200

On the off chance that you need two twin XL’s, request the split ruler and spare $100.


Rest Positions

Rest Position

Your resting position has a ton to do with whether a specific sleeping cushion is directly for you. At the point when you originally set down on the ZOMA, it feels comfortable and gentler than you anticipate. In any case, ZOMA’s help is zoned so it is firmer where your middle rests and milder where your shoulder lays on the sleeping cushion.

Side Sleepers

  • Side sleepers will be agreeable on ZOMA.
  • Back Sleepers
  • Back sleepers feel upheld and the firmer help in the middle zone keeps their spine adjusted.
  • Stomach Sleepers
  • Lightweight stomach sleepers will do affirm on ZOMA, yet heavier stomach sleepers ought to decide on a firmer bedding.

Combo Sleepers

Combo sleepers who fundamentally rest on their side and back will like ZOMA, yet combo sleepers who are substantial and invest a ton of energy in their stomach should give ZOMA a pass.


ZOMA won’t make you hot. The spread is breathable and wicks away dampness, yet it doesn’t effectively decrease or assimilate heat, making it nonpartisan to the extent temperature is concerned. The Traingulex™ layer is made with a propelled open-cell structure that encourages wind current to forestall heat development in the sleeping pad.

Movement Transfer

ZOMA is extraordinary at containing movement move. Your accomplice or pets aren’t probably going to upset your sleep when you rest on the ZOMA.

Solidness and Supportzoma construction mattresses

We saw a distinction dependent on where you situated your body on the bedding. On the off chance that you scooched down, it changed the vibe. You’d need to locate your sweet spot and attempt to rest there consistently on this and any zoned sleeping pad.

Rather than one immovability rating, when a sleeping pad has zones with various solidness levels, we’ll rate each zone. It’s guileful to allocate one solidness rating to a whole sleeping cushion when the immovability level changes.

Since side sleepers need a bedding that releases their shoulder into the sleeping pad, this distinction in immovability between the shoulder and middle regions makes this an extraordinary bedding for side and combo sleepers. Lightweight back sleepers and back sleepers whose weight is conveyed in the middle will do well on the ZOMA. Lightweight stomach sleepers will be alright yet a stomach sleeper that conveys a lot of weight in the hips or thighs will make some troublesome memories keeping up spinal arrangement on this bedding.

The top froth layers are responsive and form to the body so all aspects of you feels bolstered. The high thickness base guarantees you won’t scrape the bottom and makes the ZOMA strong.

One destruction of zoned sleeping cushions is that the zones fall contrastingly on individuals of various statures. On the off chance that a couple with various statures, state 5’2″ and 6″1″, rest in a zoned sleeping pad, they ought to change the area of their cushion to improve the manner in which the zones work for their body which implies their pads won’t be one next to the other. The upsides of zoned bolster balance this defeat.


  • Value, Durability, and Warranty

ZOMA gives an entire 10-year guarantee on the workmanship and materials. Since numerous flexible foam sleeping pads wear out before the 8 th year, an entire 10-year guarantee is extraordinary. At the present cost of the ZOMA, the expense of a King midpoints out to be $95 per couple for every one of the 10 years secured by the guarantee. That is under 2.5¢ every day. The guarantee will kick in if the froth splits or there are noticeable spaces more prominent than .75″. You should utilize the correct kind of establishment and keep your confirmation of procurement to utilize the guarantee. We urge clients to place the receipt in an envelope and join it to the tag on the sleeping cushion where they’ll have the option to discover it if necessary.

Rest Trial

ZOMA gives a 100-night rest preliminary at no hazard since conveyance and return shipping is free. We emphatically empower ensuring any bedding you purchase has a rest preliminary. A rest preliminary enables you to attempt the bedding and perceive how you really think about it before you’ve focused on mulling over it for 10 years. You can utilize our Sleep Journal to record the nature of your rest during the preliminary.

Give the new bedding some time. Your body needs to conform to the new feel.

Merchandise exchange

During the first 100 evenings, contact ZOMA and they will organize to restore the sleeping cushion and discount your cash, no inquiries posed. In case you’re unsatisfied, call ZOMA to orchestrate the arrival when you conclude you won’t keep the sleeping pad.

ZOMA’s Best Features

zooma development mattresses

Athletic Recovery

The Triangulex™ and Reactiv™ layers cooperate to enable your muscles to recoup quicker and by supporting your body so your muscles don’t need to work while you rest, encouraging further and increasingly tranquil evenings. Utilize your rest following watch to perceive how well you rest on ZOMA.

Athletic Recovery of zoma sleeping cushion


At the point when you’re purchasing another sleeping pad, you need to be certain it doesn’t contain materials that will bargain your wellbeing. You burn through 1/3 of your life in nearness to your sleeping pad which implies undesirable materials can influence your wellbeing.

CertiPUR-US® conducts shock reviews for items it ensures. Confirmation implies that the sleeping pad isn’t made with overwhelming metals or known poisons. ZOMA is CertiPUR-US® confirmed. It is likewise made in the USA in offices intended to lessen VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


We expected however didn’t encounter any off-gassing when we unwrapped the ZOMA. One of the analysts has compound affectability and she didn’t see any aroma.

Edge support

At the point when I sit on the edge of the ZOMA, I gradually slide off. It’s on a bed that is unreasonably tall for my feet to contact the ground. On the off chance that it were lower and my feet were laying on the ground, I don’t think I’d slide off.

When lying on the sleeping pad with your weight circulated the length of your body, the edge bolster holds up in case you’re two or three crawls in from the side.

Why we subtracted focuses:

Useful for sex: Memory froth doesn’t give the bob that makes a sleeping pad incredible for sex. Contingent upon how you end up situated on the sleeping pad, you may soak in more than you’d like during closeness. On the off chance that you limit your weight to the middle territory it won’t be an issue however individuals who will in general move around a ton during sex may need to move again in light of the fact that one of them is sinking into the sleeping cushion.

Cooling Evaluation: The ZOMA is unbiased however doesn’t furnish dynamic cooling with gel, copper, or different fixings that draw heat away from the body.

All the others are identified with the bedding not being extraordinary for people who are heavier, yet not yet in the heavyweight classification for sleeping cushions (more than 230 pounds). Lightweight individuals ought to have a superior encounter on the ZOMA.

Client assistance

Why we subtracted focuses:

Client assistance: We had a few inquiries toward the end of the week and we were not able get a prompt reaction on their visit administration. They had the capacity for us to leave a message and somebody would react later. Not keeping an eye on their visit line might be one way they lessen expenses and keep the sleeping cushion at this value point. We think it is a decent exchange off. At the point when we connected with client care, they were extraordinary.

Organization Reputation: We generally subtract a point for new contestants in light of the fact that there are questions. This mirrors the originality of the brand.

Preliminary: One of the closest contenders, Nectar, offers an entire year preliminary. This rating mirrors the correlation with the more drawn out preliminaries offered by certain contenders.

Guarantee: Please note that we evaluated the guarantee dependent on adaptable foam beddings. In contrast with a latex sleeping cushion which can have guarantees that last at least 20 years, the score would be a lot of lower.


You can arrange on the web. Your bedding will for the most part be conveyed inside seven days. Tragically, ZOMA doesn’t offer financing. In the event that you need financing, look at Nectar Mattress.


ZOMA was conveyed rapidly in a case to the entryway patio at no charge. Set-up was simple; taking it upstairs to one of our testing rooms was a breeze. We typically utilize a group to convey the sleeping cushion upstairs, however ZOMA was a one-man work.


The launderable spread flashes off so you can wash it in your clothes washer.


ZOMA is conveyed to your entryway and is lighter than a half breed bedding with loops so it is simpler to move upstairs before you remove the cling wrap and let it extend to its full measure. It takes 24 hours to completely grow and be prepared for you to rest. It will chip away at a v